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Andreas G. Dimopoulos

The application of Hearing Aids in Greece was started by Georgios Dimopoulos (my grandfather's brother) in 1945. Later my father Gerasimos Dimopoulos dealt with the same subject and since 2016 it is my exclusive occupation. But my career started several years ago. After graduating from the Italian School in Athens in 1983, I entered the University of Milan at the "Scuola per technici Audioprotesisti" where I graduated in 1986. The school was three years old with the last year of study completed through an internship in the Department of Ecology of the Polyclinic of the University Hospital.

The Art of Hearing

For more than 75 years, Dimopoulos Hearing Aids have been offering complete solutions to people with hearing loss symptoms.

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12/14 - 10 - 2018

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